Welcome to the Wiltshire I Care Ambassador Service


We are a small group of enthusiastic and committed Wiltshire employers and employees who want to be able to share and promote our knowledge, passion and skills within Adult Care.

As an employer (employer member) we aim to raise the profile and make people aware of the personal and professional benefits of working within the Adult Care sector.  We endeavour to provide staff to this service who have the same standards and ethos. 

We aim to inspire the right people with the right attributes, compassion and similar attitude to ourselves who work in our sector and to promote the excellent work and care which is being provided on a daily basis by us all.

Over time as the service progresses we will measure feedback and local intelligence to measure the impact on the sector which the I Care Ambassadors may have had.  This means that we can share experiences and develop the service.

Wiltshire I Care is managed and coordinated by WSCSP which is an employer led partnership - we hope to divide the operational requirements of any I Care responsibilities between the I Care Ambassadors and Associates and we all strive to increase membership which will help share the work required.

We are always looking to recruit new Ambassadors and Associates to increase our reach and share the responsibilities.

There are benefits to the employer and the Ambassador/Associate:

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If you are an employer or a member of staff looking to become an Ambassador or Associate, please contact Sharon Cloude.

If you are looking to host a careers or jobs fayre in the Wiltshire & Swindon area please contact Sharon Cloude directly sharon.cloude@wiltshire.gov.uk