Inductions are an important first step into the social care workplace.  So important, that the Care Quality Commission in it’s judgement framework, considers the impact on the person receiving a service to be high risk and the likelihood of problems to also be a high risk if it is not undertaken.

Care Quality Commission addresses Inductions clearly at Outcome 14 E, which states:

People who use services receive care treatment and support from staff who have undertaken:

ŸSkills for Care Common Induction Standards.
ŸTraining and qualifications that satisfy the learning outcomes as advised by Skills for Care.
ŸUnits or qualifications relevant to job role as advised by Skills for Care.

Essential standards of quality and Safety final 2010

Skills for Care Inductions are supported by other training providers including DVD companies as well as the freely available  - which includes not only workbooks, but support and guidance on the training designed to provide the foundation of learning in the workplace.  Training Providers are able to advise and support Inductions, but these will come at a cost of course.

Skills for Care inductions are no longer being funded as they map through to the level 2, as does the Manager Induction Standards for the Level 5.  

Skills for Care - South West  provide an extensive amount of learning for you in the workplace that has been available at either a greatly subsidised cost, or for a small fee.

The Knowledge sets previously developed by Skills for Care are now integrated into the new Qualification Credit Framework.  Skills for Care are committed to ensuring that your Vocational learning and development is supported and through consultation has developed units that can be combined to realise an Award / Certificate or Diploma at Levels 2/3 or 5.