We are the BaNES, Swindon & Wiltshire Care Skills Partnership.

We are an employer led organisation who supports the Independent, Voluntary & Private – IVP Adult care workforce in Banes, Swindon & Wiltshire. We are financially supported by Bath & North East Somerset Council, Wiltshire Council, Swindon Borough Council.

Would you like a career in Adult Social Care? We give advice and support to anyone who would like a career in Adult Social Care regarding Traineeships and Apprenticeships (an apprenticeship can be undertaken at any age).

We also provide advice and support to the BaNES, Swindon & Wiltshire IVP Sector on Adult Training courses with regard to grants and funding which may be available for staff training.

The Workforce Development Fund is changing.

The Government is launching a new Adult Social Care Training and Development Fund to replace the Workforce Development Fund. 

Care Providers will still be able to access set amounts of funding for approved qualifications and learning to upskill the workforce. 

The NHS Business Service Authority is developing a Provider led online digital service for Care Organisations to make claims themselves. This is due to go live in the Summer, but we expect there will some delay as a result of the forth coming election. 

You can see all published information HERE AT GOV.UK 

This is what we know so far….

  • Having an up-to-date ASC-WDS will still be a stipulation of receiving funds. There is no change to the way that the ASC-WDS is hosted by Skills for Care or the way in which you complete it.  CREATE AN ASC-WDS HERE
  • The list of claimable courses and qualifications will be like those previously claimable through the WDF and can be found in the above Government information.
  • Like the WDF, there will be restrictions on the amount you can claim per learner, just over £2,000.00 and per large parent organisations, up to £4.5 million.
  • You will still be able to claim funding for all employees including those working under sponsorship.
  • A smaller, scaled down version of the WDF will still be available in the 2024/25 year directly from Skills for Care. This is for learning that was started before the 31st March 2024 and completed by the 31st March 2025. This is to ensure no one is out of pocket. All learning started after the 1st April 2024 will need to be processed via the new system.
  • Evidence of course/ qualification payment will need to be submitted when claiming through the new system – Start retaining all this information now.
  • BSWCSP will not be making any Adult workforce claims as of the 31st May 2024.

We will still be playing an integral part in supporting the sector and we shall ensure that we deliver all information to you as soon as we have it. Long term we want to fully understand the new system so we can help Care Providers navigate around the site and make good use of the funds available. At the moment we don’t have details of the look of the new system, any queries you have can be sent to ASCreimbursement@dhsc.gov.uk 

Look out for more information from us over the coming months. 

Registered Manager's Networks and New and Aspiring Manager's Networks

 BSWCSP has secured a small grant to help establish a Registered Managers Network - RMN and a new & aspiring managers network - AMN.

The aim of the RMN is ultimately to enrich the skills and knowledge of Registered Managers of adult social care services in Wiltshire and Swindon, enabling them to share information and network in a relaxed and mutually supportive atmosphere. At quarterly meetings, guest speakers will be invited to lead sessions on topics requested by the Managers themselves from a annual survey.

The aim of the AMN is to educate and share necessary information to staff who aspire to become a Registered Managers The network is aimed at new managers pre or post registration, deputy managers and senior carers and/or senior support workers. At these networks we will walk them through the Management Induction Standards - MIS with a view that they will be competent with the standards of these by the end. They will also be able to complete the MIS modules online with Skills for Care (which WDF will fund for their employing organisation

These networks are either run successfully online using Microsoft Team or in person. For more information on either network please contact Sharon directly.

AMN  DATES FOR 2023:                                   

10th September 2024

RMN  DATES FOR 2023:   

16th October 2024

Information and booking instructions will be sent out a few weeks before networks take place.

Useful Information

Training matrix for providers

In partnership with a number of Training Providers covering Wiltshire & Swindon, we have developed a matrix which details all training courses & qualifications for managers and staff  - please contact Training Providers directly for further information.

Please click here 
for the matrix.

The Care Act 

    For information and guidance please click on the links below which will take you to the current factsheets, or alternatively contact Sharon Cloude. 

The Care Act - click here


Wiltshire Care Partnership (WCP) is a member-led organisation. Their role is to represent and support independent providers of residential, nursing and domiciliary care for older people and adults with disabilities in Wiltshire, working alongside commissioners to achieve the provision of high quality, safe services. For more information on the Wiltshire Care Partnership please press here.


BSWCSP Terms of Reference (TOR)

You can find a copy of the Banes, Swindon and Wiltshire Care Skills partnership's Terms of reference here